Extend functionality to your Krpano driven 360˚ video and photo tours

Add interactive hotspots to moving items in your 360˚ content



The Moving Hotspots bundle contains multiple scripts.

You will receive an Adobe After Effects script to be used as editor, Krpano plugin(s) and license files and examples

Let hotspots follow moving objects in 360 video so they are clickable, let hotspots fly around a pre-defined path in your 360 photo/video... a whole new chapter in interactivity. An dedicated Adobe After Effects script turns AE into your moving hotspot 'editor' or 'timeline creator' and outputs a krpano codestyle xml. Scale, alpha, ath, atv and x-y-z rotations are the current vallues you can predifine in your timelines... or ignore on the fly. Next to that there is a timeline dedicated 'skript' action where you will be able to make changes to the hotspot, or other, behaviour or looks at a certain 'videotime'. Fully html5/webgl. Works great in WebVR/WebXR.

Adobe After Effects Add-on

The Adobe After Effects add-on is a simple AE script that lets you use AE as an editor to track the moving items in your 360˚ videos/photo's and export a krpano compatible xml file.


The timelinerunner.js is a krpano plugin that makes it possible to playback the output of the, in adobe After Effects generated xml files.


The Moving Hotspots will be licensed to your Krpano license name and email.

Information and examples

In the package you will also find documentation about how to use the add-ons and some examples.


Starter Tutorial


Krpano plugin page

Krpano plugin forum Thread

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The Moving Hotspots bundle will be licensed to your Krpano license and will cost € 99,-
Since this is a non-tangible, irrevocable bundle of products we do not provide refunds after the product is purchased, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product on this Website. Please make sure that you’ve carefully read product description before making a purchase.



If you have questions or need help , please ask your questions in the krpano Forum Thread:
Moving Hotspots on Krpano Forum


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